Monday, November 26, 2007

The Austin Awards!

Hello People! Welcome to the first ever Austin Awards! This is something so enticing, entertaining, fun-filled, tempting, hot, beautiful, gorgeous and wigging out awesome! That you will want to marry me.

Now, for the Austin Awards:

Coming in as the Official “Austin Album” of the week……

......Is none other than the gggggggggggggreat………. (yes the stupid tiger is what I mean)……………………………………

Miles Davis! 'round about midnight!!!

It just doesn’t get better.

Beautiful licks. Slow relaxed tension. Endlessly creative. An all star cast. I can die happily now.

Of course we wouldn’t want to forget the “In the mirror for hours wasting my life singles.”

This week’s wasted time was brought to you by none other than Slow Hand Jr. and his song Something’s Missing.

(Remember children: These kind of songs are best enjoyed with a loud surround speaker system, a large reflective surface so you can see what your moves look like and some sort of device that could somehow be thought of as a mic, i.e a hairbrush, Banana, used toilet paper roll…etc.)

You know what I mean.

With love from Portland,


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