Friday, January 11, 2008

Poem about goth rock:

Well, since we're posting poems, here's something I wrote with my good friend Bobby Shook on a long car trip.

The Ballad of Blake the Emo Kid

by Bobby Shook and Jeremy Clayton

Once there was a kid named Blake, who’s life was less than cool,
He struggled all his life to make a single "A" in school.
He didn’t have good social skills, he couldn’t even dance,
You haven’t got a girlfriend, Blake, so who gave you those pants?
He spent his whole high school career not trying to break free,
Wishing he was everything he didn’t want to be,
He cussed out jocks behind their backs pretending not to care,
He always knew but never dealt with life not being fair.
Well Blake had always thought he played a pretty good guitar,
He knew three whole chords and how to scream yeah he could be a star,
One day he saw an add that said to “Take an emo stand!!!!!!!
Come try out for lead singer in the Skulls of Fury Band!”
The bass player who’s name was Tom said “We only take the best.
The other guy slept in today, so you beat all the rest.”
Well Blake sat down and played a tune, and that was when they knew,
He knew how to play three whole chords. Their last guy knew just two,
Well Blake had written up some words he thought weren’t to bad,
About a tragic breakup with the girl he never had.
They needed some variety so he wrote a note or two
About the nagging parents that he never listened to.
And after they had worked a bit, he sat back down a wrote
A song against all governments, and why he doesn’t vote.
They put it on the internet to share with all the world,
To bring the joy of gothic rock to every boy and girl,
They got cash and video games, the girls were at their door.
They felt more sorry for themselves than they ever had before,
Now to end this sad but common tale, the greatest tragedy,
Is Blake is still recording and he’s making more than me.


Chris said...

Excuse the random exclamation, but [w00t!] just kind of popped out. That was very, very, funny.

Anonymous said...

Keep it coming man.
(love it)


Lin said...

That was very funny...I liked it! :D

Anonymous said...

Yes! That rawked!

Anonymous said...

Ha... ha.... ha....

Nathan Straub said...

I love it!

Travis said...